Saturday, July 4, 2009

Necessary accessories for embroidery machine.

Hi,I'm lien.
Nice to meet you. In this post, I like to tell you about some of the embroidery machine's necessary accessories. These are the things you need before using your embroidery machine.
The most popular among home embroidery machine is the computerized or digitalized embroidery machine. The computerized embroidery machine usually is more costly than the manual embroidery machine. It gains it popularity because of its ability to minimize work and time in embroidery projects. It is so easy use. Plus, some companies offer free tutorials, designs and other important accessories. The offer sometimes include free financing advices if you buy their embroidery machine.

The necessary things you need to start an embroidery projects with your newly purchased embroidery machine :-

1) The Manual.
The most important thing to do before using your embroidery machine is read or watch attentively the embroidery machine's written text or video manual. You have to know how to operate the embroidery machine first before starting a project. Different embroidery machine has different applications. So, get to know your embroidery machine.

2) Materials.
Materials are fabrics you use to embroider on. They can be silk, nylon,satin or cotton. If you are a beginner start a project using a manageable fabric like cotton.

3) Designs.
You can get thousands of designs to start your work on your embroidery machine. Apart from the free designs from the embroidery machine company, there are online websites that sell and give free designs. You can also get embroidery designs from books and magazines.

Choosing the right threads is essential to ensure beautiful, attractive and unique embroidery creations. There are all sorts of brands to choose from. All sort of colors and materials are available on the online and traditional market. You can choose according to the need of your designs and materials. There are glitters,specialized and solid colors threads and bobbins.

5) Hoops.
Hoop is embroidery device to hold tight the materials while using the embroidery machine. It holds the material in place while embroider so that you can work on a specific area of your design. The most common hoop is a round hoop.
6) Stabilizer.
Stabilizer is a foundation you put under the material to support it. When you use the embroidery machine, the stabilizer will ensure less material movement. The less movement the better result you get. The stabilizer for your material can be either torn off, cut off or dissolved in cold water.
7) Needles.
Choose size 80-90 needle when you use regular weight materials on your embroidery machine. A size 100 for thick fabrics.
Well, that all I know about the necessary accessories of the embroidery machine. Thanks for reading. Hope to meet you again.
Written by lientoo. Btp.

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