Wednesday, June 22, 2011

First Attempt Embroidery

These are my first attempts to do Hand-made embroidery especially 

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You have to be careful when you do hand-made embroidery on any stretchable fabric like t-shirt . You don't want to over stretched when you hold the fabric on the hoop.That's what I learned through my first experience embroider ribbons on my daughter's t-shirt. 
On this t-shirt, there are two  kind of flowers in ribbon embroidery. In the middle there are carnations and by the sides is the foxgloves. 

                                           The foxgloves on each sides.

           On the other t-shirt , I sewed  ribbons to the end of  the cuffs too.                                                                                                                                                                                                   

The flowers used in this pattern is very simple . The Daises are in three different colors.
The pattern for the flowers below is free-styled.

                                        (On the right side of the t-shirt)
    These are simple techniques with ribbon daisies, roses and leaves.There is an attempt to embroider one tiny leaf using just green thread!(LOL)

                                            (On the left corner of the t-shirt)

This pattern is more intricate and took me a lot more time to sew using these untrained hands of mine. 
It's nice to do free-style pattern. I'm useless at copying well made patterns.
Hope you enjoy this post. See you again in the next post! Hopefully soon enough...